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Children don't want to go to Changeryuan? Sun Baobao put this book to work! | take time to read

Updated: 2019-09-17

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The series is all about helping hands to deal with the real problems in the Changeryuan, such as paying attention to safety, hygiene, sharing toys, how to be a partner, and so on.

What if the child is anxious and breaks up, and is reluctant to go to Chang'er Yuan, or cry at the Chang'er Yuan? Let me introduce some good picture books to the master today!

This book has been spotted by Sun Wei on Weibo, and even bought it for his partner. I have to say that Sun Yan and Deng Chao are choosing books for their children, and their appetite is very good. ("Deng Chao told the children about the pictorial beatings, what did they say?")

Babies who are preparing or just entering the Changeryuan can reduce the anxiety of breaking up; babies who have been in the middle school will be excited to retell the story inside, because it is too similar to their resume in the Changeryuan!

Leon is a child who doesn't like Changeryuan. In the morning when he went to Changeryuan, he was reluctant to get up and felt that Changeryuan was "horrible" and thought that he would be sold.

But as he was playing in Chang'er Yuan with teachers and classmates, he became more and more happy. He slowly fell in love with Chang'er Yuan, made many new partners, and learned to act, share, and take care of himself and a lot of work. At first he fell in love with Chang'er Yuan!

These contents make children feel extra subtle. Older children will also say, "This is what our teachers do in our class" and so on. At this time, we can motivate the child to continue talking, and understand the bread and butter in the Chang'er Garden, while also training the child's speech skills.

It's really fun and applicable. The book is comprehensive and meticulous for the Changeryuan, which is a good psychological support for the children who are preparing to enter the garden.

This book is about the animal long children's garden! A total of more than 60 divergent little animal babies have stated their position. By describing the day when the little animals are in the Chang'er Garden, let the children know what links the Changer Garden's life will have, eliminating serious and anxious. Interestingly, the creator also seized the characteristics of each animal and set a lot of ingenious details.

In the evening, the masters went to school, but the little bat came. Oh no! Little bat, you are late! I don't have to go to Chang'er Garden at night, come again tomorrow, bye!

The color of this book is very obvious, the words are simple and easy to understand, and there are all kinds of small animals. Children are easy to have fun. Mom and dad can also grasp the characteristics of small animals, and they are especially suitable for young children who enter the park .

Different from the previous picture books, "My Best in the Chang'er Garden" does not describe entering the garden, but the scene where the young partner wants to graduate from the Chang'er Garden. By looking back at those children who are enjoying the time in Chang'er Garden and have learned well, the children who enter the park will become more and more fond of Chang'er Garden.

Today is the first day of the little companions in the Changeryuan, the master played all the way to the first "guess". The instructor asked, "Who will guess what is the best in Chang'er Garden?"

Tabisha said aloud, "It's time sharing!" "You talk about the work that happens every day!" Teacher Abbott replied, "However, sharing time is not the best in Chang'er Garden."

"It's the playroom!" Colin said in a loud voice. "You have a lot of imagination, and you're in the playroom showing that you are great! But please keep guessing."

Benjamin raised his hand and said, "It's the corner of the building blocks!" "The tunnel and tower you have built are great!" The instructor Abby hinted in agreement. "However, please collect the blocks now, Benjamin. The best thing in Chang'er Garden is not the block corner."

"Is it an art class or a manual class?" "It must be a math class!" "The breaks are the best!" The children actively guessed, and no one guessed right.

At the closing ceremony, the little partners received their graduation certificates one by one. The little companions gathered around the instructor and asked in unison: "Teacher, what is the best thing in Chang'er Garden?"

"Of course it's each of your little companions! You, my students, are the best in Chang'er Garden!" The teacher responded aloud and gave them a big closing hug.

The time that the children spend in the Chang'er Garden is growing every day, even though they have cried because they went to school alone, and even because they have been beaten and scolded because of conflicts with their classmates, they are the most exaggerated time and worth collecting for life.

"Don't don't, mother don't go!" Xiaoya cried as she cried. The little companions in the Chang'er Garden all came to soothe Xiaoya. But the master does nothing.

I feel that the concept of this book is very clever and does not use a common style to describe a day in Chang'eryuan, but only intercepts a common small fragment.

The actor also did not talk about it, for example, the teacher taught Xiaoya not to cry, other little partners did not cry, usually played games, etc .; instead, they were caring and helping Xiaoya by drawing pictures. The atmosphere of Chang'eryuan allows children to know that he can get the friendship and help of the master. Chang'eryuan is a warm and fun place!

My little partner doesn't want to go to Chang'eryuan. The most commonly used sentence is "Mom, don't go!" At this time, the mother who is going to work will say, "But the mother wants to go to work!"

What does mother do at work? Why is it so important? Many young partners have such doubts. This book can not only give the children an answer, but also make the children more enjoy the day-to-day life in Changeryuan!

Max's mother is that she dispenses medicines for each patient, so that they can take a little comfort now. She will also check all the medicine equipment and discuss the environment of each patient with the doctor.

Lawrence's mother is the clerk of the cafe. She brought the guests a menu and sent the receipt for the order to the kitchen. Then bring the prepared food to the guests.

Lawrence and Georgia are playing in the bunker. They made a three-story cake and a lot of biscuits, and then swinged all the way, and the swing was hung under the tree house.

Rosie and her Czech mother are taking care of the newborn baby at home. She feeds her baby, bathes her baby, and does laundry and house cleaning after she falls asleep.

Did you find out what this picture book describes? That's right! On the left is the work that the mother is doing at work, and on the left is the life of the little partner in Changeryuan, which is almost a contrast! This placement is clever:

Living in Chang'eryuan is also very sincere, just like being at work, you must also do everything well

From the beginning to the end, the mother's day-to-day life is in contrast to the child's life in the Chang'eryuan, and the content is very fresh. However, the children can be subtle and unsettled. They can't see their mother's anxiety, and they have longed for being able to imitate and work like mothers in Chang'eryuan. Really keep in mind!

Today's picture book is introduced here. I would like to see more picture book introductions. I can care about my WeChat trumpet: "Take the time to say" huashijianshuo:

Author of this article: Take your time. Master of International Affairs, Senior Compilation, Children's Books, National Psychological Consultant II, PET Parent Effectiveness Exercise in the United States, PAU Graduate Student in Psychology. Loves reading, parenting, psychology and quality of life, and prefers to be a partner with indecent value. Personal WeChat: babyhours001.

Note: The copyright belongs to the original creator, "Slow Growth". The goal of reprinting this article is to convey more parenting knowledge. It does not mean that Soko Maternal and Infant agrees with its concept and assumes sexual responsibility. If there is any infringement, please contact us and we will delete it in time.

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