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Is Ishihara Satomi getting married? !! Eye care is urgent!

Updated: 2019-09-15

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The ten-yuan boyfriend was also cleaned up by netizens. At the age of 27, he became the president of Showroom, which can be regarded as a model for young and growing entrepreneurs. But the master is still unable to take over such a reality, the reason is that the value of the boyfriend is too great! Do not! match! With! Come on!

I ca n’t help but blame netizens for being too harsh. It ’s actually ten dollars so beautiful that people ca n’t let go. The sweet smile of the cure is the candy girl herself. Confession!

As a Japanese woman who wants to have the most looks, Ishihara Satomi is definitely a charming girl. Now a 32-year-old, she still reveals a fresh, warm and highly developmental freshness. Her makeup, hairstyle, and dressing have always been the targets of girls.

Ishihara Rimi also has a non-chic and unfashionable past, but she has a strong and hard-working footwork, recognizes weight loss, researches makeup, and studies and dresses. Let's take a look at the original makeup in each of the dramas Ishihara has performed in accordance with the character and personality. The simple song is the beauty makeup blog delayed by the acting career ~

At the beauty of ten yuan, I found that her infectious smile was her hand puppet. Her smile is not formulated, and there is no sense of "closed business", and all of this can not be separated from those clear eyes like first love. When Shiyuan laughed, the large lying silkworm would stand out and look very cute. The main thing is that there is no trace of extra lines around her eyes.

After all, I am also a girl who laughs wildly and sends the wind. After the reality is engraved with a pattern under my eyes, I get the courage of laughter. After all, eye care is urgent!

I believe that the ranks are in the process of skin care, and once knew the main purpose of applying eye cream. But now, major brands have launched another concept of eye care products-the essence of the eye, which has made many treasures guilty. What is the essence of the eye? How should we choose eye care products? Do n’t worry, here ’s an answer to your confusion!

Eye cream is mostly milky or creamy texture. It has a large nutrient content and can stay in the surface layer of the eye skin. It can replenish the skin surface of the eye while retaining moisture. It is a reliable person.

The essence of the eye is mostly clear and watery. It has smaller nutrients and may penetrate better into the skin of the eye. For the eye skin problems that have occurred, it will have a stronger susceptibility. Generals. (Sudden blood)

Whether eye cream or eye essence is conceived for eye care. Under the circumstances of small eye skin problems or unlimited budgets, eye creams must be omitted as a fundamental prevention step. However, some people may have experienced eye skin problems due to not taking good care of the eyes. Eye creams often have little effect on them. At this time, they can choose functional eye essence with eye creams. The result is 1 + 12. !!

Of course, there is no big problem in the eye but a treasure with sufficient budget. If you want to connect the young shape of the eye, one more layer of eye essence will never make mistakes! Next, Jiu Jiu will provide some excellent eye essence for the master ~

Helena's emerald bottle series is very advanced from beginning to end. It is indeed a lady's skincare product. The extruded cream also has a slight pearly luster, either on the outside or on the inside. People can't help feeling-the real value of this money! (Showing a poor smile)

My favorite is its Zamak low-temperature zinc alloy flat indenter, which can completely fit the skin, and the inevitable massage technique, which is cool and super cool, is suitable for hot weather ~ It is a milky texture, and it is very good for massage reception. Quick, every time I apply eye cream, I feel very enjoyed!

To know that as a perennial party, dark circles are my heart disease. In the process of using, I also found that every time I apply it, it can brighten the skin of the eyes as soon as I apply a plain cream. From then on I can stay up all night (shh-). There are also comments saying that spicy eyes, although I did not Feelings, but everyone uses their feelings to infect differences, so we need to plant grass ~ (Knock on the blackboard!)

Elizabeth Arden ’s signature capsule packs also use this eye essence. One capsule at a time is used to maximize the activity of the ingredients in the essence and facilitate hygiene. A Jiu often travels on business, the essence of a jar of glass bottles is heavy and not convenient to take care of. Arden's eye gel is not too convenient to use a simple song a day. I can't do without it on business.

Its texture is oily, but it can be received quickly after kneading, without worrying about lightness, it is more suitable for mixed dry and dry skin, and the result of smoothing dry lines is very good.

A Jiu sometimes goes on business days and nights and wears makeup for a long time. After removing the eye makeup, the skin around the eyes is very weak, and sometimes it turns red. After using it, it feels that the skin has changed a lot, not even the dry lines. It is ~ but it is not very convenient to use. It needs to be superimposed in a small amount and multiple times, and then the method of massaging is used to slowly receive the skin. Hmm ... so it might not be suitable for lazy people. (I'm definitely not talking about myself)

However, the essence of this eye capsule, due to the addition of retinol, has the function of anti-priming, so it is best to avoid pregnant women and lactating fairies ~

When I saw the product, I was attracted by its 360-degree elastic massage beads. A Jiu has a bit of swollen eyes, especially in the morning, so I like to use a pendulum stick with eye essence to clear the swelling before applying makeup.

This massage head of Lancome is much more exquisite than that of a baton stick. After using it, the eye area will feel very comfortable, and the swelling caused by the eye fatigue can be eliminated, and subsequent makeup will become more convincing ~

The secondary ingredient of Lancome's big eye essence comes from the yeast essence in the small black bottle family. I am really super afraid of long fat particles. It uses the concept of light and nourishing from the “muscle base fluid”, which is very useful. And it adds 3 natural extracts to make eyelashes possible. Although I have n’t seen any significant results yet, as a bald eyelash girl who is too lazy to brush eyelashes, I believe that I only need to use it to make an eyelash essence. Just around the corner! Hee hee ~ (rubbing hands)

Earlier Ajiu said that the essence of eye care + eye cream is the best solution for eye care. Does it make a lot of lazy babies trouble? "It would be tiring to rub the eye cream, and it would be one more step, so let me grow old like this ..." It is necessary, how can Ajiu see Peugeot girl herself? The essence of Estee Lauder's small brown bottle eye as a product of "two in one", the simple song is lazy ~

As a member of the Estee Lauder family's star brown bottle series, its texture is emulsion-like, it is easy to push open, and it can be completely received by applying it with the massage stick for about 10 seconds, and it will not be sticky at all ~

I don't know if there are any fairies like me. When I apply the essence, I always feel that the scope is not enough and it is extremely uncomfortable. And the entire massage pen of the essence of the small brown bottle eye dips into the product, which is very suitable for lower eyelid lifting massage. Quietly say that I often use this dip to take the product and apply the texture while it is convenient, and the texture is improved ~

Many fairies will feel that this product is very troublesome. It will become difficult to obtain the product at the later stage of use. Each use must be dipped back and forth several times. Here is a warm reminder—remove the plastic from the bottle mouth. Seal, you will come to thank me (satisfied)

The style of the painting is abruptly changed. At first, let's give a cheap eye essence. The Ordinary is a well-known raw material barrel brand. Some star components are indirectly using the product name in their homes. Ajiu is also a user of nicotinamide in their homes. The amount is fierce, the price is low, and the cost performance can be said to be often high. The only false fallacy is that the family never considers the use of touch infections, and the irritation is greater than the force, so the girl with insufficient skin still detours.

Caffeine is being used in eye products. The secondary function is to eliminate the dark circles caused by the eyes and a part of the eye. After a little massage, it will immediately feel warm and warm around the eyes. I like this exceptionally. The essence of this eye is swelling, but it is a resounding one. It is no worse than high-end brands. There are many swollen eyes with red eyes on the red book.

The name of the blatant "Meng Yao" is not in vain. The treasures that need to quickly eliminate the eyes can consider to taste it. Because it is really cheap, it does not lose a share ~

The skin on the eyes is very soft, and the wrong massage technique will only aggravate the skin problems on the eyes and make it clumsy. Let me tell the master how to express the essence of the eye in his hand to its maximum function.

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