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Year-end pediatric nursing staff do a summary docx

Updated: 2019-09-17

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Year-end pediatric nursing work summary article 1: Pediatric nurses annual summary pediatric nurses annual summary part 1: the nurses personal annual work summary in a blink of an eye, a year later, I came to the hospital to work for more than 3 years, Under the accurate leadership of the head nurse and the department, and the close and common support of the colleagues in the department, I am carrying forward the rescue work based on the clinical work of "paying the core of the disease", and do a good job in nursing. The work mission of this year has been completed on the ground, and inevitable progress has been made in the nature of personal thinking and the ability of business work. I. Thinking aspect: Nursing services centering on the core of disease compensation and focusing on quality conform to the new nursing model and the new situation of social growth. Actively join all programs, aim at serving patients to contribute to society, and take patients as the standard. Work for the patient. In terms of business: In this year, I can blindly abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital, from the placement of the life department, fulfill my duties as a guard box, complete various nursing operations, and learn to recognize each For a job, I can help the patient to handle every job more carefully while being in mind. Every patient is truly welcomed, and every patient is treated as a person's partner and relative. Do a good job in the writing of medical documents, check the writing standards of the training department, check the general nursing records, critical care records, and first aid records. For my work, I severely ask me to do three checks. Yes, serve Sanji. Third, to strengthen the understanding of laws and regulations to learn the "Nurse Regulations" and other laws and regulations, and actively participate in the hospital organization. Recognize that the establishment of a social market economy system, the legal system is becoming more and more perfect, the people are approachable, and the legal system of the masses is inexhaustibly strengthened. The rights and interests of the people in accordance with the law and the law have become the consensus of the people, and the quality of modern care is not good. It is an all-round and whole process to align patients with each other. This is a higher and newer demand for nursing services. Therefore, we must learn a wealth of laws and regulations, strengthen safety awareness, understand the law and usage, and follow the law. During these three years of nursing work, my experience is "three points of healing, seven points of nursing", so I can increasingly feel the main role of nursing workers. Someone has already said, "The person who opens the curtain of life is a nurse, and the person who pulls the curtain of life is a nurse." Yeah, who is on the side of a person's life who does not need the detailed care and care of the nurse? "Nursing is a delicate art." "The nurse must have a compassionate heart and a pair of willing workers." I will use my loving patience, carefulness and commitment to relieve the patient's pain, with dedication to support the weak life, and lift up the living Sailing, let smiles on the sad face, and make every family laughter. In the subsequent work, I will diligently improve my skills, improve my work with a smile, treat each patient as a person's partner, loved ones, and often change positions to consider the difficulties of others, and to work properly and stand, I hope to pass my own At the same time that the diligence has been widely praised by the patients, it has also been recognized by leaders at all levels and head nurses. I feel that the nursing career is a noble and noble cause. I am proud that I am a member of the nurse team. I will work harder and make more contributions to the nursing career of mankind. . Part 2: Year-end summary of dental nurses With the passage of time, I slowly grew up. When facing life choices, I became a nurse dramatically. It became the "white clothes" in people's eyes. When I became a pediatrician, From the first day of the nurse, I told me: Since I am also a pediatric nurse, I must use my shallow smile to face the sick child, and change my face in my head when I was a child. Fearful nurse abstract. Not long ago, a word from a 6 to 7-year-old boy made me say that I was right. When he was treating this little boy for the first time, I walked into the ward with a smile just like ordinary people, and he always stared at me. In the second year, he cried and asked my grandma to ask for me. He gave an injection and heard his grandmother say that a nurse was going to give him an injection, but he was reluctant to hold a small fist so that it wouldn't be touched. He wanted to find me, so I went, and after seeing me, he didn't know what to do. Now, the medical education.Yuwang.com just picked up two little hands obediently and selected them by me. I was surprised why this little boy would behave like this, but he did n’t ask at that time, just thinking about it. The next few days He was treated by me for him, but because of his busy work, after finishing his injection, I was busy with my class work. After not seeing me for a long time, he said that the injection site was painful. I asked my grandma to come and see him. After I went, I smiled and stroked quietly, and asked softly: Is it still painful? He blinked at me and said, "No pain, but it doesn't hurt at all." When he was discharged from the hospital, I asked him why he was looking for me every time I got an injection, and he said something that made me very good, aunt, because I wanted to see you smile at me. Chapter 3: Pediatric nurses' time to leave the school is too fast. In a moment, I will finish the exercises in the four major departments, inside, outside, women, and children. Looking back on these days, it is bitter or happy, sweet or sour, believe Each one has its own taste. I have benefited a lot from the practice of pediatrics for nearly a month. I am about to leave the department, but I have a lot of perseverance. For our exercises, the teachers in Corey are all I am very diligent, and the weekly practice placement is also in an orderly manner, so that we can gradually learn and grow. Here, we express our sincere gratitude to the listed teachers. In the course of practice, I strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital and each department, and fulfill the duties of nurses. I rigorously require me, a respectable teacher, even contract windows, strong work, love the cause of children, and sincerely consider the children. . At the same time, it is necessary to understand family members, deal with the relationship between nurses and patients accurately, be able to make notes and get comforters, and say more "sorry". Family members also understand the work of pediatric nurses and reduce the occurrence of unwanted misunderstandings or excessive behavior. Under the guidance of the instructor, I have basically controlled the care of some common pediatric diseases and some basic operations. The exception is the puncture technique for pediatric scalp needles. At the same time I am working, I continue to study and summarize my experience. I can be diligent and longer than looking at the patient's condition, so as to control the change of the condition in time and make accurate judgments. In short, I feel that in this day of practice, I have learned a lot. Although I am still a student, maybe I have unlimited abilities, but I use my diligence to fully use my knowledge to acquire skills, I hope I can use my smile Sending the patient away healthily, Bawang is growing up in his studies, and he is a white sing and work hard. During the practice in my undergraduate room, I strictly abide by the law of labor, work to recognize the facts, learn to ask questions, and can apply what I have learned in books to reality. Under the guidance of the faculty, I have basically controlled the nursing of some common diseases in obstetrics and gynecology and some basic operations. It is because I gradually transitioned from a trainee to a nurse, so that I can understand the special needs of clinical work. What I used to study in school was theoretical. Now I am exposed to the clinic and realized that the actual work is not as simple as imagined, not as typical as written in the book, and often depends on my daily work. Experience accumulation, so as long as you put into practice, you can slowly accumulate experience. Chapter 4: Work Summary At once, we have to send my own holiday-Nurses Day. Here are some of my thoughts. Many people said that our nurses are yes, guarding life with a gentle heart, but I even feel that we are ordinary grass. In the large collective of the hospital, if the doctor is a flower, then our nurse is a fluffy green grass. The grass is everywhere, reflecting the spring, making the flowers more colorful. We are busy every day in the hospital bed. We have the joy of sending patients out of the hospital, the gratification when we hear the patient's sincere thanks, and the pressure of busy work, which is not understood. We want to give more care to the patients, and we are also willing to give our collaborators-doctors more care and better work together. A nurse must have a sunny mentality, an intimate smile, and use gentleness to manage a healthy work air. Therefore, we also have to come to care for ourselves and fill our hearts with sunshine, so that we can spread the sunshine beside every hospital bed and every doctor who comes by. Old nurses often say that day after day, the share that just joined the job slowly fades away. But how much do we need to do so, give us more motivation to make our lives more colorful. Let us look back to the days when we were full of joy, let us listen to the voices of our school girls. Seeing her is like seeing myself in the past, yeah, why can't we keep that share, give me and my colleagues around me a little more care, and add some motivation to my work. Just joined the job, the nurse profession is a colorful dream for many people. At that time, we did not understand her true meaning. When we experienced all kinds of sad and happy separations done by nurses, we only made it clear that the meaning of "" was not as romantic as imagined. In this, there is pay and harvest. I am proud of our excellent colleagues at both ends. I am also proud of the excellent team that is doing this. Yes, with hard work, you will have a growing harvest. Article 2: The first half of the annual pediatric nursing summary The first half of the pediatric nursing summary was completed in the first half of the year Aspect 1. General nurses can actively lead by the Party Committee and Nursing Department of the hospital, and sincerely work for patients. They are anxious and think what patients think. Treating patients is just like treating their own family. The patient's differences were well received. 2. The department develops French-style warm services, and one raised nurse is selected for warmth every month. Each nurse has strong indecent initiative, and the skill level and service quality are greatly improved. 3. General nurses demand severely on the basis of occupational standards. They have strong work style and strict discipline. 4. Standardize nursing probation, nurse-patient communication technology, and cultivate nurses to establish excellent professional abstractions. Second, strengthen the control of nursing quality process and ensure that science and engineering do peace. 1. The department set up a quality control group to explain the probation of the quality control group, and conduct monthly check-up and feedback on the internal work of the department, which can enable all members to participate in the quality management and improve the quality of care. 2. Standardize the writing of nursing documents, organize general nurses to recognize and further study the writing of nursing documents, especially for young nurses, from medical terminology and common sense to the examination of the condition, organize the training one by one, grasp the details, and perform nursing records on schedule Defects analysis and improvement, adding discharge cases pass rate. 3. Strictly implement the check-track system, emphasize the implementation of the second check, strengthen the handling of nursing students, and understand the safe handling obligations of teaching staff. 4. Strengthen the understanding of the routine inspection of the department equipment, and routinely strengthen the inspection of function and safety, and timely detect problems and repair in time, and the equipment is intact. 5. Strengthen basic nursing, respond to nursing according to the level of nursing and the change of the condition, do the nursing of the critically ill and prevent the complications. Third, strengthen specialized nursing, highlighting the characteristics of pediatric nursing 1. Organize general nurses to recognize the nursing routines and practices of undergraduate diseases, and recognize that they are being implemented. Provide excellent care for patients and get praise from patients. 2. Recognize and do a good job of patient health education, highlighting the characteristics of specialized nursing. Fourth, recognize the line. Understand the duties of various nursing staff, understand the duty system of various sentries and the system of nursing workers. 2. Linked check system ① Require the doctors to check the class, the head nurse joins the general check once a week, and there is a record. ② Nursing exercises require three checks and seven pairs. ③ Fill out the infusion card and various notices. Fifth, do a good job of teaching, scientific research work. 1. Recognize trainees, and the Department of Nursing will complete the students' teaching work. The teaching staff will formulate undergraduate teaching plans, the treatment and treatment of common diseases of undergraduates, and the common practice skills of undergraduates, so that students can achieve theory Contact practice. Complete the mission of education. 2. Actively join various types of hospital organizations, and endlessly improve business levels. 3. Actively join the hospital to organize continuing medical education and complete the continuing medical education in the first half of the year. 6. Focus on teamwork and strengthen collaboration. Pay attention to medical care, communication between nurses and patients. Reduce the occurrence of medical jiaoge. During the first half of the working year, medical care, communication between nurses and patients were strengthened, and rectification measures were adopted in time to avoid conflicts. In the current work, we will continue to work hard to provide excellent services to patients. Article 3: The year-end summary of the pediatric nurse's year-end summary of the second year of pediatric nursing. Indecent growth, using indecent growth guidance work, high standards, harsh requirements, diligence is working to get the job done, strengthen safe care, strengthen the safe handling of care, perfect care risk prevention methods, effectively avoid care risks, for sick children Provide excellent, safe and orderly nursing services. With the core of disease compensation, advocate humane work, strengthen the communication between nurses and patients, improve the patient's intensity, and avoid nursing jiaoge. Take regular and non-scheduled nursing quality check, linking continuous improvement of nursing quality. The head nurses are summarized as follows: 1. Strengthen the safe handling of nursing care, perfect nursing risk prevention measures, effectively avoid nursing risks, and provide excellent, safe and orderly nursing services for sick children. 1. Continuously strengthen safety awareness education, prompt prompts when unsafe elements are found during work, and put forward rectification methods. Taking nursing errors in the hospital as an example, organize consultations and self-cultivation to make nursing staff fully understand the factors of nursing errors. The new environment and new features draw lessons from it, so that the alarm of safety is always sounding. 2. Strengthen the handling of heavy periods, such as night shifts, middle shifts, holidays, etc., implement a flexible shift system, reasonably match the old, middle, and young duty staff, and organize the nurses to recognize and study the newly announced related entries to strengthen the nurses' excellence. A sense of professional identity, commitment and prudence when on duty. 3. Strengthen the management of children with sinking points, such as critically ill children, treat critically ill children as the sinking point of the morning meeting and the time conference, evaluate the existing and potential risks of patients, and reach consensus , Caused the attention of each class. 4. Management of Shendian employees, such as practicing nurses, nurses and newly admitted nurses, etc., educate them on laws and regulations, improve their anti-risk awareness and ability, and enable students to understand that only under the guidance or supervision of teaching staff can Caring for the patient. At the same time, nurses with clinical experience and a strong sense of responsibility and qualifications as nurses are appointed as instructors to cultivate students' communication skills and clinical operation skills. 5. Records of perfect nursing documents to reduce the risks of safety. Pay attention to the problem of the existence of nursing documents at the current stage, standardize the documentation of nursing documents, and recognize the implementation of the "cross criterion, that is, indecent, real, accurate, timely, and complete" in nursing records to avoid irregular writing, such as omissions Words, corrections, inconsistencies, and doctor-in-chief disagreement should not only reflect the analysis of nursing problems, but also the special characteristics of specialist symptoms, and standardize and standardize nursing documents. 6. Perfect nursing emergency risk plan, pay attention to fostering the emergency ability of nurses in daily routine work, make retrospective evaluation for each emergency work, absorb lessons from them, and improve nurses' ability to respond to emergencies. 1 2. The core of remuneration for illness is to promote humane affairs, strengthen the communication between nurses and patients, improve the patient's stiffness, and avoid nursing jiaoge. 1. The office nurse warmly welcomes the newly admitted sick children, sends them to the bed, and automatically conducts admission education and health education to the families of sick children. 2. The volunteer nurses are required to take daily communication with the children's family members, including health education, to understand the outcomes of the sick children, the need for food, the results and reflection after medication, etc. The communication between nurses and patients can shorten the distance between nurses and patients. Prerequisites and prerequisites for all nursing work. 3. Recognize the implementation of the advising method before and after clinical treatment, humble the children's family members 'right to know, and relieve the family members' concerns. For example, before and after scalp vein infusion, especially before and after indwelling needle puncture, the informed choice of family members of children with heaviness. 4. Monthly inpatient conferences are held to distribute patient inquiries about stiffness, to comprehend the quality of work, to give commendation and encouragement to nurses with high quality, and to educate nurses with poor quality. 3. Take regular or non-scheduled nursing quality check, linking continuous improvement of nursing quality. 1. Fully explain the probation of the nursing quality control team, conduct quality check every week, in order to detect problems in time, and correct and deal with them in time. 2. Analyze and analyze the feedback messages of the quality control team, the head nurse's quality inspection, and the nursing department's quality inspection monthly, find out the reasons, formulate feasible rectification methods, and check the rectification implementation environment. 4. Strictly implement the three bases and three strict training plans, and improve the overall nature of nursing staff. 1. Nursing staff at all levels intend to conduct training in strict accordance with the divisional training, and organize monthly theoretical tests and technical exercises to check. 2. Ask the nurses when nursing. The content includes basic theoretical knowledge, specialized theoretical knowledge, and nosocomial infection knowledge. 3. Manipulate the department's morning meeting to ask questions about the hospital's nursing focus track system, so that each nurse can be proficient in controlling and recognizing the line. This year, the pediatric department newly established a pediatric monitoring room, the pediatric infusion room went out, and the department nurses were removed from our department. There are a large number of new pediatric staff, and pre-job training is required. Standardized training for new staff. Placed and urged instructors to carry out pediatric professional clinical operations such as pediatric scalp vein puncture, aerosol inhalation, and physiotherapy for new staff. Do good clinical nursing work. Fifth, it (this article comes from: Xiaocao Fanwen Network: summary of year-end pediatric nursing workers) he 1. All the workers in the common hospital do the work and confirm the completion of various mandated tasks. 2. The core of the common message is to do a good job of training and coordinating the nurses before and after the departure. After that, we will strive to take a new step to recognize the situation, the same thinking, tree ego abstraction, tree department abstract, tree hospital brand, starting from itself, high standards and strict requirements, establish "We are disgraceful" thinking, change the work, strengthen the understanding of the work. We have the strong support of leaders at all levels, accurate guidance from hospitals and nursing departments, and the concerted efforts of general practitioners. We will certainly complete various tasks to bring children and parents together.

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